Promenade in front of the Postojna Cave

Promenade in front of the Postojna Cave


The Postojna Cave is among the most visited tourist sights in Slovenia, attracting over 500,000 visitors each year. The area in front of the cave where visitors gather before entering has been extensively renovated in the past few years. The external amphitheater, which at the same time serves as a resting area and a vantage point, required not only a new urban planning and architectural design, but also a thorough renovation of its utility lines and power supply facilities.

The local utility infrastructure had deteriorated and it no longer complied with the waterproofing requirements, even putting the Karst underground at risk. The storm water drainage and the sewage system needed to be replaced, along with the water supply network, the lighting system and all of the telecommunications ducts. In addition, new concrete pavement had to be installed and various service and tourist facilities needed to be built.

During the implementation phase of this project, CMC GROUP d.o.o. took over the replacement of the existing water supply system in the promenade area in front of the Postojna Cave. About 400 m of the external water supply system was renovated with the installation of DN125 ductile pipes. The work comprised a complete renovation of the external water supply installations and updating of all water connections for individual buildings.


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