About us

About us

The CMC GROUP d.o.o. company (previously CMC Ekocon) was founded in 1990 in order to specialise within the CMC System (founded in 1989) in the following fields of activity:

  • Technical design support, implementation and maintenance of measuring control and regulation systems for technological processes.
  • Installation and maintenance of water supply, gas and central heating systems.
  • Engineering support, installation and service of the potable, technological and waste water treatment equipment.
  • Technical support, installation and service of water meters, themal energy meters and remote metering systems (AMR/AMI).
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of gate, butterfly, check and pressure control valves.
  • Foreign trade, representation, distribution and wholesale.

Connected to Water

Our activity is closely connected to water since the company is a supplier of pipes, fittings and nodular (ductile) alloys, valves and other armatures, water meters, flow, pressure and level meters as well as equipment for water quality analysis to water supply, utility and other public or private companies.

We are also a supplier of:

  • thermal energy meters,
  • AMI/AMR equipment and solutions,
  • all types of filters and water treatment applications,
  • special gaskets for all types of media and insulation materials,
  • mechanical piping systems.

Installation and Servicing

We offer installation and servicing of the complete supplied equipment, while our team of expert technicians performs support and regular maintenance of water supply installations, central heating systems, measurement technology and many more.

We are capable of providing technical sulotions, deployment and support for various small and large scale metering systems.

Stable Growth and Development

In 2001, our own subsidiaries in Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina were joined by a new subsidiary in Serbia and Montenegro. In 2004, a new distribution centre was opened in the Logatec industry zone featuring new warehousing facilities and maintenance workshops. 

Our results and the confidence conveyed by our business partners are an obligation to us to keep developing and extending our product range as well as to take care that our experts will continue to be able to solve even the most difficult problems, which may arise in operating the equipment and complete technology systems supplied by us.


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