PORTONOVI – Luxury Tourist Destination

PORTONOVI – Luxury Tourist Destination


Portonovi has an excellent position between the mountains and the sea, with a beautiful view of the pristine Adriatic coast. Once fully completed, the Portonovi Resort will include a supremely luxurious new marina that will be available to visitors all year long, the first European One & Only Resort, luxury accommodations and a health and wellness centre. Visitors will be able to indulge in sunshine on the largest sandy beach in the region, and there will be many shops, cafés and restaurants available.

CMC GROUP d.o.o., a subsidiary from Herceg Novi, which carried out electrical and mechanical work, has also participated in this large-scale project.

Electrical work included the distribution of electrical power cables for the supply of service cabinets for mooring boats and ships to floating berths and piers, erection and installation of service cabinets, distribution of power cables for outdoor lighting and laying of indoor installations for the accompanying marina facilities. We installed and connected a large number of low-voltage distribution cabinets of the Prisma ranged manufactured by Schneider Electric for powering the accompanying marina, outdoor lighting, technical equipment of the vacuum sewage system and HVAC equipment. Electrical power supply and signalling cables were laid for the fuel supply system.

Mechanical works included the installation of an internal water supply and sewage system, where pipes and fittings Geberit Mepla Ø20 - Ø63 mm were installed in a total length of 1,450 m and pipes and fittings of the gravity sewer system Rehau Raupiano Plus Ø50 - Ø200 mm in a total length of 380 m. We built the system of external water supply, hydrant network and irrigation system in the new Portonovi marina. For the vacuum sewer system, we built two vacuum stations with a capacity of 360 m3/h, vacuum collecting shafts for pumping sewage from large ships, a system for pumping bilge waters from ships, and installed collecting chambers for the  vacuum sewer system. Within the scope of mechanical work, a HVAC system for auxiliary marina facilities and a fuel transfer system have been provided.


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