Novelties for investors, contractors and designers

Novelties for investors, contractors and designers


Together with representatives of Saint-Gobain PAM Buildings, we organized a business meeting for the markets of Serbia, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. We presented gray cast iron materials, which are primarily used for sewerage and vertical drainage. With these products, we successfully solve all requirements in the construction of sewage systems or drainage of stormwater at various facilities. Hotels, hospitals, buildings with flat roofs, bridges and other construction facilities must meet high standards in terms of fire safety, noise, mechanical loads, chemical and temperature resistance and durability, which is achieved by using these materials.

All the advantages of using pipes and joining elements made of gray cast iron were presented. Depending on the purpose of use, they are divided into product lines with the commercial names PAM Global Plus, Itinero, Residential Range, EPAMS, Elixair (for heat exchangers) and the completely new PAM Agilium line.

The presentations were intended for investors, contractors, designers and everyone else involved in the mentioned projects.


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