European funds for wastewater treatment plants and sewage network in Poreč

European funds for wastewater treatment plants and sewage network in Poreč


The project, which began in December 2014 and will run until December 2023, has so far included the construction of a sewerage network. In the following phases four sewage treatment plants will be built, in which the CMC GROUP will participate as subcontractor of SUEZ International France Consortium.

The total value of the project is EUR 67,187,400, of which the EU Structural Fund grant represents 74%, or EUR 49,723,623. The remaining 26% will be provided in the same proportion from the funds of local self-government units, Croatian waters and from the state budget. The scope of the project includes the construction of four water treatment plants and an 80 kilometre sewage network in Poreč and its gravitational municipalities Tar-Vabriga, Funtana and Vrsar.

As a subcontractor, the CMC GROUP is responsible for the installation of technological equipment and the production of machine installations in all four treatment plants. These are membrane bioreactors (MBR) with individual and central control systems, including access roads and facilities for solar drying of sludge on the site of the wastewater treatment plant Poreč Sjever (north) and the sludge composting plant at the Košambra landfill.

The sizes of the above mentioned plants:

  • Lanterna with a capacity of 30,000 PE
  • Poreč Sjever (north) with a capacity of 37,000 PE
  • Poreč Jug (south) with a capacity of 48,000 PE
  • Vrsar with a capacity of 22,500 PE

Installation of the equipment at all four treatment plants began in October 2019 and will be completed in 2020.


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