The company CMC EKOCON d.o.o. changed its name to CMC GROUP d.o.o.


We would like to notify you that, on October 4th, 2017, the company CMC EKOCON d.o.o. changed its name in the register of companies to CMC GROUP d.o.o.

The renaming will apply in business records, so we would like to ask you to update your records by adding the company's new name. The VAT ID number, the company registration number, and the registered offices of the company remain unchanged.

New information on the company:

Full name: CMC GROUP inženiring, svetovanje in zastopanje d.o.o.
Abbreviated name: CMC GROUP d.o.o.
Registered office: IOC Zapolje I/10, 1370 Logatec VAT ID no.: SI87944081 Registration number: 5393396.

Under the new name, the company will operate without a stamp.
All existing agreements remain in force and do not require any additional amendments.


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